P&B Directors Studio is a creative workspace for visual storytelling, it is a place dedicated to the vision of a small group of talented directors.

Our carefully picked roster is a mix of young and more established talent. All of them have their unique view on things. All of them have a strong cinematographic signature. And all of them specialise in telling authentic and moving stories – by getting the most out of the best actors, or by capturing real life in its purest form.

The art studio approach allows us to engage with each other, to help each other and inspire each other. And to give you the best shots... 


Pollock & Bacon is run by a trio of producers with a background in cinema and high-end television projects. We collaborate with our directors on a different level than the archetypal production company does.

We look for the best way to support each director and his/her unique talent in the long term. As these directors have different backgrounds and different ways to express their talent, we take the time to map out the path they want to follow. We guide them in developing their career in multiple directions: feature film, TV- drama, documentary, advertising, photography…

Organising complex sets, hands-on production skills, long-term fiction development, international financing of feature film and TV-drama…
our experience goes wide and we’ll take charge of whatever is needed to tell the story.


Bo De Group: after her studies at the filmschool RITCS in Brussels she started her career as a commercials producer working for various companies (Caviar, Monodot,..). For over 6 years now she’s been producing award winning feature films and TV drama (Rosie & Moussa, Tabula Rasa,…).

Hans Everaert: former business director of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) and former general manager of film & tv production company Menuet (GIRL, The Broken Circle Breakdown, The Misfortunates, Code 37,...). He produces feature films and documentaries with his company Menuetto.

Tomas Leyers: started his career as a researcher and actor for tv-shows, then went on to produce commercials and organise live events, to finally create his film production company Minds Meet (Charlie & Hannah, Lost Persons Area, Los Flamencos...). He is the Flemish producer with most selections at the Cannes Film Festival.

- If your brand has a story to tell
we want to give it our best shots -