Maris De Smedt

Maris (1978) has a track record of about two decades of filming and directing for film (documentary), tv, publicity and online content. She worked on such tv-programs as Kinderen Van Dewindt, Via Annemie, Te Gek, Weg met de Soete, De film van mijn leven, Wildcard Tanzania, Stanley’s Route, Let’s Go Urban... and for such clients as Crelan, Lotto Soudal, Ikea, Tomorrowland, Zomer van Antwerpen, Vedett, P-Magazine, KBC...

With tons of experience in documentary and reality, Maris knows how to tackle any situation and – above all - she knows how to capture an audience. Her storytelling shows a keen focus on emotional connection and purpose-driven messages – she wants to go to the heart of the sharing generation.

#socialvalue #authenticity #emotion #elderly